Khilat Moonblade - Esterel

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Dates: -8,406 to - DR (years)


Strength Stealing

The sword can drain 1 point of strength per hit. Once strength reaches 0, the opponent goes unconcious.


Esterel can no longer transform into a physical creature form, but can manifest as an illusory semi corporeal creature, similar to a shades spell, able to lift and carry objects up to 5 lbs weight. He typically favors the form of a golden faerie dragon, but can assume the shape of any creature up to man size. His illusory form has 24 hit points before being destroyed. The form can't be recreated until at least 1 hit point has been regained. The form can only be damaged by magic weapons or spells. His projection is 60% resistant to magic. Esterel can also make illusions to represent himself, which is not as capable as the semi corporeal form. He often casts phantom armor to protect his form and Shadow Blade for a weapon.

Esterel is highly intelligent (13) and can communicate by telepathy or through his illusory projection. He is intelligent enough to be detached and observant, but has a tendency to being chatty. He has his own knowledge and advice. He doesn't have direct access to the combined knowledge and lore of the Moonblade or Kiiras.

Esterel's spirit is bound to Chiliad's spirit, and serves as the spirit powering the moonblade in Chiliad's place. When Chiliad grows weak, so does Esterel, and should Chiliad die, he believes he will too. His alignment has shifted to Neutral Good. While he recognizes that each hit in melee combat feeds his strength, he views it as a kindness that his opponent need not be slain.


Esterel can cast 1st and 2nd level illusion spells, 1 per round, at will and nearly instantaneously. He typically casts these from his projected form, but that is not required; spells can be cast directly from the sword. Spell range is determined either from the sword, or the projected body.

Sword Power

Esterel can add a power to the blade. It takes Esterel one week to manifest a particular power. If a new power is selected, the existing power ceases immediately while the new power is building up. A single power can be selected from the powers for intelligent swords, or a single quality can be added from a variety of non-unique blades.

Some of the powers he can add to the blade with advanced notice include:

  • Bane against a specific creature type
  • Defender
  • Disruption
  • Flaming Burst
  • Holy
  • Icy Burst
  • Ki Focus
  • Merciful
  • Shoking Burst
  • Spell Storing (with predetermined spells when power is added)
  • Thundering


Once every 3 months, Esterel can transform the moonblade to become any type of non-unique sword for 1 turn. All other powers of the blade become dormant during the transformation. Specific sword types can't be repeated within a year's time.


  • Lore - Esterel gained a point of intelligence to become highly intelligent (13).
  • Dweomer Drinker - Magic converted to healing will simultaneously heal Esterel too.
  • Nature's Friend - Esterel casts spells as a 1st level Druid in the plant and animal domains. Illusion/Phantasm priest spells up to 3rd level can be cast at will. He is automatically on good terms with natural animals.
  • Spell-focus - Esterel can cast illusion/phantasm spells of 1st-3rd level at will as a 6th level caster. Esterel can cast cantrips from any school at will.



Nature - on front. 


Fine lines of gold, electrum and bronze tracery form images of vines and woodland animals on the pommel piece between the gems near the handle. Small pieces of amber with leaves, flowers and insects are arranged on the vines.