Khilat Moonblade - Mara

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Dates: -8,406 to - DR (years)


Nature's Friend

The wielder is naturally attuned to plants and animals within 1 mile, and has wilderness survival proficiency in the immediate terrain by observing the plants and animals.

Animal Friendship

Up to 24 hit dice of natural animals of neutral alignment and animal intelligence can be attracted as companions. Wolves and dogs, rams, owls, hummingbirds and snakes are treated as half their actual hit dice, allowing twice the number to be attracted. All animal friends will become docile and follow the blade owner about unless the habitat is not suitable or the blade owner dismisses them. Neither will they attempt to harm each other while under the friendship influence. Natural animals not befriended generally behave as is the blade owner were not there; completely ignoring in most cases. Natural wolves will never attack the blade owner, even if not befriended.

Speak with Plants

The sword wielder can speak with plants on a very rudimentary level and exercise limited control over them such as causing thickets to part to allow passage, or vines to entangle pursuers.

Locate Animals or Plants

One specific type of animal or plant can be located per round. A 20' wide path can be checked in a single round, and if the animal or plant sought is within 240 yards, the general distance will be known to the sword wielder.


  • Flame Tongue - Light from the blade will allow green plants to grow one inch per hour.

Lathander's blessing allows the wielder to use the light of the blade to cause plants to flower as if it was spring time.



Nature - on front. 


Fine lines of gold, electrum and bronze tracery form images of vines and woodland animals on the pommel piece between the gems near the handle. Small pieces of amber with leaves, flowers and insects are arranged on the vines.