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Dates: -8,406 to - DR (years)


Dweomer Drinker

The blade can absorb powers from other magic items, excluding expendable one time use items such as potions, scrolls, dusts and oils. The blade can absorb or store a total of 3 magic powers. On contact with a magic item, the blade can drain a charge from a charged item, or draw magic from a permanent item to replicate a single power, including pluses of armor and weapons. Charges can be drawn until an item is depleted, but absorbing powers from permanent items is limited to once per month, with the exception of willing intelligent magic items or items designed to further empower weapons. Intelligent magic items can agree to transfer powers as often as mutually agreed upon, or they can resist a transfer by making a saving throw; items failing their save have been known to scream in pain and react due to the assault. The sword has a 50% chance of success to absorb the innate magic abilities of creatures or powers from permanent magical areas, like mythals. Spell casters of any class are able to cast spells, including spells from scrolls or other storage mediums, into the blade for storage, but only when there is room and if the spell does not exceed 7th level. 

A magical charge or “at will” power can be held and expended at any time, while absorbing and replicating a continuous power of another item will last for 1 turn. On a successful melee attack, any "at will" power with a casting time of 1 round can be discharged against the opponent though a saving throw may apply. Only one absorbed magic can be active at any time; use of an “at will” power will cancel a replicated continuous power prior to its regular 1 turn duration. The blade may not absorb a power at the same time it expends an “at will” power.

Detect Magic

The sword can detect magic at will out to 120’. The intelligence of the blade can identify the power it wants to borrow on behalf of the wielder. It can then warn its wielder of other powers of which to be wary.

Enhanced Weapon Boosting Magic

Magic specifically designed to boost the powers of the sword, such as blessing a weapon, will have its duration doubled or extended to 1 turn, whichever is longer. There is no limit to the number of boosts that can be applied and extended, though some powers may not stack. These powers do not count against the number of powers that can be absorbed and held, but serves as a forth capacity for storage on a temporary basis.

Healing Magic Conversion

If the blade comes in contact with a new magic item when it is full, it can make room for a new magic by converting a previously stored power into magical healing of 1d6 for the wielder, which can exceed the wielder’s max hit point total, but the extra hit points will only be retained for 1 turn. Healing beyond the wielder's max hit points can erase scars and minor imperfections, and can eventually regenerate lost limbs. The conversion of magic by the sword generates a green glow, which also surrounds the wielder during the magically healing.

 Magical attacks directed specifically and only at the blade can always be absorbed, and if their spell level exceeds 7th, the energy will be instantly converted to a healing green glow, which may be wasted if the weapon is not held at the time. Detection and scrying spells against the blade will always be absorbed and expended without revealing a green glow so as to detect nothing about the swords nature.


  • Moonblade - The sword can’t absorb powers from opponents whose magic have been scrambled for a round, so useful powers will always be selected for absorption on the first successful hit.
  • Spell-focus - Powers stored in the blade can't be boosted.



Drink - on front.


Three large deep blue Star Sapphires interleaved with three smaller blue sapphires and again with six smaller Orblen stones, surround the moonstone in the pommel. Each Star Sapphire gem will have an internal glow if it holds a stored power, while the smaller sapphires glow when boosting temporary powers or converting powers to healing. Orblen crystals yield deep golden gems of large size that can be faceted or cabochon cut. The hue of this gem has earned it the nickname "honeystone". Orblen is know for amplifying healing spells. 


Lord Feyfalcon had an adamantium dirk with a rogue stone pommel forged. He travelled to a dozen shrines to Shaundakul seeking a blessing from the Windwalkers by having them cast Shadow Sword while holding the dirk, and casting it himself when a suitable priest was not available. He took the dirk to Shaundakul's Throne in a Myth Drannor and cast Wind Blast to seek the god's favor. The Helping Hand appeared above the throne, accepted the offering of the dirk, and blessed the moonblade as Lord Feyfalcon empowered the blade with a portion of his spirit.