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Dates: -8,406 to - DR (years)



A single large Selu'Kiira, Lyassa's Mantle, has been imbedded in the handle of the sword. Lyassa created and wore the kiira, first linking it to the blade and later merging the two before passing to Arvandor. It has since been filled with memories from each of the sword's wielders. Lyassa's primary desire was to collect songs and lore into the stone to provide future guidance to the Khilat family.

The lore from the stone is directly accessible while holding the sword by the handle with a hand in direct contact with the gem. This generally limits the wielder's access to the knowledge within the gem. Wielder's who wear Kiira linked to the sword gain full access to all the lore stored in the blade. If the Kiira is a Tel'Kiira, it has the added benefit of the connection being tempered by the Tel'Kiira gem. Wearing a Kiira linked to the sword is thought to increase the wearers chances of being accepted for ownership by the moonblade.

Each new sword owner can add additional spells to the thaelkiira, including innate abilities and divine spells, all powered by the spirit incorporated into the kiira through investment of hit points. Further, the mantle spells are available to both the sword and the wielder through the shared spirit bound to the sword, regardless of the distance between them, so long as they remain on the same plane of existence.

Linked Kiira

The sword can be linked to Kiira stones. The link is active so long as the stone is on the same plane of existence and magic doesn't block the access. A Kiira's mind protecting magic doesn't automatically block the link once it has been established.

All knowledge stored in the linked stone, including spells, become available to the sword wielder. Access to information can be immediate if it is recent experience and driven by strong emotion, otherwise it will become part of the stream of the random flow of information typical of Kiiras, with such knowledge becoming completely accessible after a great period of time and acclimation. Knowledge within the Selu'Kiira of the sword often taking precedence over that of linked Kiira.

If the Selu'Kiira or Tel'Kiira is bonded to a member of the Khilat family the link can be established on the command of the sword wielder when within 50' of the Kiira wearer. In the same way that family members are permitted magical access to the mind of the Kiira wearer, the Kiira will offer no resistance to the link. Locked stones are automatically unlocked for the link. The link with the stone cannot be broken, even when the stone passes to a new wearer. Wearing a linked Khilat family Kiira may improve the wearer's chance of being accepted by the moonblade.

If a Selu'Kiira or Tel'Kiira is not of the House of Khilat, the Kiira wearer may allow a bond to be established by his permission. The link can be broken on command by activating the Kiira's mind protecting magic. New owners may not immediately know about a link, but will eventually learn of the connection from memories stored in the gem.

The sword wielder can establish empathic or telepathic communication with any wearer of a linked Kiira. Kiira wearers may likewise communicate with the sword wielder. This telepathic link can be ignored or blocked by either party. Communication over long distances with Kiira wearers can be established. This link can be used for coordinated efforts, including musical and theatrical performances, group spell casting and high magic, and complicated moves in melee combat.

The sword was linked to 5 newly created Tel'Kiira given to important members of the House of Khilat.

The sword is linked to following Kiira gems:

Legend Lore

If knowledge about the person, place, object or magic item was known to any past wielder of the blade, any current or past wearer of a linked Kiira, or either silver dragon, then the current blade owner gains an additional 5% chance of knowing about the topic for every year that the blade has been in his possession. This bonus is added to the wielder's Legend alone skill.


The sword is also imbued with Elven melody that can be called forth on command, but often times the sword sings of its own accord, particularly when its owner is sleeping and dreaming. The music sounds distant and indistinct and may include the sounds of instruments like elven harps and flutes, as well as singing voices, both deep and light, but the words are never clear. The words of the melody can only be heard in the owner’s dreams.


Delicate variations in the movement of the blade, both during combat and when simply holding the sword, will serve as somatic components of spell casting as a variant of spellsinging. The wielder must be proficient in Spellsong. Verbal components must still be provided by the wielder, though the sword will serve as accompaniment.


  • Spell-focus - Wearer's of Kiira linked to the blade with open communication with the wielder can cast spells through the blade from any distance. Spells cast through the sword use standard casting times and normal verbal, somatic and material components; though never at the peril of the sword owner without mutual consent.
  • Selune's Blessing - Enhances the total storage of the Kiira.



Lore - on back.


A large rainbow tourmaline Selu'Kiira embedded into the handle of the sword. A ring of 3 Sunstones interleaved with 3 deep blue Star Sapphires and 3 cut memory crystals form a band around the handle portion of he pommel piece.


Lady Lyassa gathered three of Angharradh's Circle Singers representing Aerdrie Faenya, Hanali Celanil, and Sehanine Moonbow holding sunstones, three Minstrel's of Corellon Larethian holding star sapphires and two other Sister's of the Veiled Choir holding memory stones from the Veiled Cantoria.