Khilat Moonblade - Melodia

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Dates: -8,406 to - DR (years)



Spell Domination

The sword can detect when magic is gathering for release by spell casting, innate magic powers and magic released by trigger. Such magic can be detected when within 60' without the need of the wielder seeing the spell casting. The wielder becomes aware of the type of spell, or the exact spell if it is a spell known to the wielder.

The wielder can attempt to redirect the spell to a new target within 60'. If the wielder chooses an illegal target due to some limitation of the spell, such as range, the redirect is ineffective and the spell completes normally. Magic cast farther away than 60' is not detected and can't be affected. Alternately, the sword can cast a specialized dispel magic to disrupt the spell up to once per day. 


Dispel Magic

Once per week, the sword can cast dispel magic at 15th level, but doing so will negate all dispel magic capabilities of the sword for 7 days.

Magic Resistance

While holding the sword, it confers 10% magic resistance and +2 to all saving throws against magic.




Protection - on back.


A ring of 4 large cut Sunstones interleaved with 4 small deep blue Star Sapphires form a band around the handle portion of he pommel piece.


Lady Melodia gathered four Circle Singers of Hanali Celanil holding sunstones and four Minstrel's of Corellon Larethian holding star sapphires. She used High Magic to make the essence of magic perceptible to the senses (sight, smell, sound and feel) so that it could manipulated and directed.