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Race: Human

Homeland: Suzail, Cormyr

Residence: Chiliad Estate, Suzail, Cormyr

Titles: Sir Zanhand Loyalar, Knight of the House of Chiliad

Patron Powers: Torm

The Knights of Chiliad were recruited by Reyinald Theorsen to defend the Chiliad Estate. They sworn an oath to Chiliad Khilat to defend the House of Chiliad and Cormyr, which legitimizes their noble standing and ensures the standing of their families. They also swore their loyalty to Reyinald, Marshal of the House of Chiliad. Since then, they have found that Chiliad is a formidable warrior in his own right and a man of honor worth serving. They work closely with the Flameblades, Chiliad Wardens and Hawkeye Raptors.


Class: Fighter 5th (Noble Warrior)

Weapon Proficiencies: Broad Sword Specialization, Morning Star, Lance, Horseman's Flail

Weapon Style Proficiencies:

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Animal Handling (Grooming) *, Etiquette *, Heraldry *, Riding (Land-Based) *, Blind-Fighting, Armorer

Languages: Common

Magic Items

  • Broad Sword +1
  • Field Plate +1
  • Large Shield +1
  • Totem Magic Amulet of Beast-Speaker (Horse, Dog)


  • Knights of Chiliad